Jessica Howell & Cullen Young

Meet Jessica and Cullen

Jess and Cullen realize how many owners struggle with obedience and behavioral issues and the effect it has on their daily life. Their ability to understand the correlation between a physically and mentally healthy canine is key to their success as trainers. “A happier, healthier, and mentally engaged dog leads to a happier and healthier owner!” Both Cullen and Jess have attended professional dog training school and our members of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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About Fort Collins Dog Wizard

There are hundreds of dog obedience training programs and philosophies, and they all seem to contradict each other. One gives treats and praise, the other insists that too much praise won’t allow the dog to learn long-term obedience. Even more confusing to the dog owner is that each opposing program seems to be successful to some degree. Using a treat and heavy-praise approach could teach your dog to sit and stay just as well as a no treat approach, but they will both be lacking when it comes to overall obedience.
While many dog training classes and approaches will teach your pup how to obey you at home, our tried and true obedience training method works every time, in almost any environment, and under almost any circumstances. That’s what sets us apart from the others. We know that our teaching method is effective because it has proven to be successful for hundreds of dogs. We tailor every service, every class to each specific dog, creating a positive and effective learning environment, regardless of what your pup has been through. Together, you and our qualified trainers can help your dog achieve goals you never dreamed were possible, making your life easier and their life happier.

Life is better without a leash


Jess and Cullen are absolutely fantastic. Our year old dog had a lot of fear aggression to the point of going after other dogs. He struggled with the ability to stay calm in high stress situations and often would show aggression because of it.
After their help he can be around many other dogs and even play with them. Their training and advice provided much needed structure into every aspect of our dogs in the home. We would recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of training.
Garret C.

We brought home our little Mocha when he was 10 weeks old. By the time he was 13 weeks old, we knew we were over-matched. Significantly. And, because our guy is a tiny dog, no one really believed how much of a mess he was. In fact, we had already been to a trainer who set us back at least a month. We were ready to send our little terror right back where he came from…until we found Jess and Cullen. Now, we’ve fallen in love with our reformed pup, and he is far and away one of the best dogs we’ve seen. He heels, he sits, he stays on place until we let him go – which is HUGE in meeting new people, and opening the front door. He doesn’t bark like a madman anymore. He’s pretty great, and it took Jess and Cullen to get him there.

Melanie B.

Jess is fantastic, I learned so much about my dog from her and applying her knowledge has made my dog so much calmer and happier. I would recommend the dog wizard’s services for any behavior problems that might arise, I was shocked at how quickly my dog was able to tone down his leash reactivity after our first session.

Grace V.